Defying Gravity

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Jul 122011


Taken from the window of Delta flight 2195 (July 11, 2011)

I’m writing this post while sitting on a chair.  IN THE SKY!

What’s amazing to me is not that I can type these words on a laptop, or even that I can transmit them to servers on the ground, or even still that you can access them from just about anywhere in the world.  Those feats all pale in comparison to the fact that I’m soaring five and a half miles above the ground, barreling forward at 527 miles per hour.

I’ve just spent the last several days immersed in the wonder of spaceflight, capped off by witnessing the last Space Shuttle launch in history.  I had intended to use this time on the plane to record my reflections on that incredible experience, but seeing the clouds out the window of my DC-9 reminded me that flight is not a miracle reserved for the chosen few who have the privilege of visiting space. Continue reading »