Jul 012011

So now I have a blog. Here’s why it took so long…

Treasures on the Internet
(Very fancy header graphic I created in 1994)

I made my first webpage in 1994, to accompany a workshop I led at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education‘s annual conference to demonstrate the diversity of content on the nascent World Wide Web.  Not long after, I created a personal homepage and added a few more links.   I started to imagine the site as a way to share my experiences and perspectives on all sorts of subjects.  Perhaps I would provide a review of a new restaurant I enjoyed.  Perhaps I would wax philosophical on the issues of the day.  Perhaps I would share a list of all the movies I’d seen, or all the places I’d visited.

I quickly restrained myself.  After all, who would be interested in reading my streams of consciousness online?  At the time, the idea that other people would care to follow my every thought and move seemed ridiculous.  Apparently, I was ahead of my time. Continue reading »